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The Power of Perspective 

About Tara

"It is not enough to find your purpose, you have to help others find theirs." - Mark Zuckerberg


We all know what a curve ball is in baseball. 

It's the delivery in which the pitcher causes the ball to deviate from a straight path. 

Life, is our pitcher and we're faced with curve balls all the time. 

Instead of letting my past define me,  I decided to redefine my past, 

own my truth and co-create my inner calling with my own fears, experiences & failures in order to move the masses. 

We all have magnificent potential and with my stories, 

my aim is to guide you to turn within and eliminate the elements that don't serve you & hold you back from achieving inner peace, happiness & success.  To help you make tangible progress throughout the most important areas of your life, which YOU ARE passionate about. 

Experiencing loss, abuse, anxiety and AutoImmune Disease, 

I believe that not having the courage to come forward & share my story with you, 

would defeat my engraved altruistic  and benevolent conducts.

I am persistent and most of all, resilient 

about my convictions - which is why I'm here to awaken people with the compassion that our world truly lacks. 


Understand why all those diet fads never last and unlock the FOUR pillars to your new lifetime of happiness & well being.

Helping You Achieve

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#GiveBackIn7 Challenge

 Nothing brings more joy to me, than stirring someone's soul & being the light for somebody else. I wanted to create a challenge where we can all give something in 7 days . Giving shouldn't be a challenge in itself. You can hold the door open for someone, help a stranger but this is a challenge because it will require you to think outside the box & get creative!  



As a life coach, inspirational & motivational speaker, I will bring new life, authentic energy & impeccable connection to your next event. 

I am here to dig deep into the minds of the audience and shift their perspective to enhance their individuality and re-define what health means. 

Contact me, and we can design a workshop or presentation that meets your needs.

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People need people and I am here to listen. 

Drop me a message & let me know how I can be of service to you and your organization. 

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